Friday, February 25, 2005


Dubbelweizen Disaster Death

It is done. I sit here at 12:45am staring at the final pint of my Dubbelweizen Disaster.

It is a time of reflectance and remorse - thoughts of what this batch might have been had I pitched the correct yeast, and a twisted sense of loss for what was brought into this world and never should have been - yet now is gone.

One of my cats is now circling the pint and licking the exterior. Not sure if that is a good omen or bad. Its definitely amusing, considering that they have never taken ANY interest in my beer prior to this moment.

In its wake the Dubbelweizen leaves a dark legacy - the Olde Porter v2 has been put on tap. I have tasted the warm tap samplings of what this keg brings - and it is a welcome celebration of roastiness and revelry. Not quite opaque, but the darkest shade of brown, and very full bodied - this beer is what it was intended.

RIP banana and cloves in my Abbey Dubbel recipe. May you only haunt my memory and my recipe book. We shall not meet again lest I err twice.

gd you obviously wrote that while in a drunken stupor so i will type as quiet as i can

so what do you have on tap now
Lineup is currently:

Ye Olde Porter (5.3%ABV and 1.020 FG)
Scotch Ale (8% ABV and 1.022 FG)
Amarillo Pale Ale (5% ABV and 1.014 FG)

I'm OK. Even though I went to bed at 1:30am and awoke at 5:30am to the sound of my son losing everything in his stomach (which we've been dealing with all morning)... I feel somewhat human.

Might need a little "hairy dog" - I hear there's this pretty good dark beer in my living room now. ;)
hey, it happens to the best of us
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