Tuesday, February 01, 2005


B-day bliss

Crankandstein CGM-3D

I'm so stoked. My wife told me that for my b-day this year I could get a 10 gallon AG cooler setup. Its not a macked-out stainless RIMS / HERMS system or anything, but it will keep me very happy for a while until she takes her welding courses. In addition, I am going to get the Crankandstein CGM-3D Adjustable 3 roll malt mill - killer! I've looked at tons of other mills, and that crankandstein just looks like its top-notch.

Another funny thing is that my B-day this year falls dead-on our May meeting night - so I will definitely be spending my b-day doing something I love.

Beauty, eh?
When I get my mill all set up, anyone in the club can feel free to come over and use it... I'm actually looking forward to making the base and the hopper for it... I haven't done many homebrew-based projects since I built the fermentation chiller - And I had a blast doing that.

Call me obsessive, but the thought of being able to control my fermentables ratio through all-grain and my crush quality through this adjustable mill makes me feel all gooey and warm inside... MUST... GET... MORE... CONTROL!!!! ;-)
GD, Calm down! Get a hold of your self, man! Uh, wait. Scratch that. I don't want you to take me literally. Nevermind. ;)
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