Friday, January 05, 2007


Brewing equipment for sale

Gene Diemer needs to sell the following equipment and wants to give us the first chance to buy.

2 EA 14.5 Gal Fementer/Boilers (Keg) with stainless drain fittings
Counter flow chiller
1 Ea 7.5 Gal stainless fermenter (Keg)
1 48Qt cooler converted to mash tun with Copper drain tubing installed
1 5 Gal Glass carboy
4 1.2 L mini kegs with CO2 Tap
5 6.5 Gal Brew Buckets never used
Magnetic Drive mash pump
Temp controller and thermocouple with relay for heater or pump
Heat exchanger for mash

Any idea how much he is wanting for some of these items?
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You can see pictures of some of this gear in a powerpoint I got from him back in April:

Click here for Powerpoint
I am interested in the cooler mash tun and the counter flow chiller. How much are you asking? Write me an email.

I'd be interested in the 48qt cooler, glass carboy, the mini keg (2 or 3), 2 of the 6.5 gal brew buckets)and the magnetic pump.

Any idea on the costs of these?

Drew (
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